Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to ALWAYS find Your House Keys

  1. DUPLICATE KEYS: Make at least 3 sets of house keys. House keys are cheap.

  2. COLOR CODE YOUR HOUSE KEYS: Put the same color rubber key identifier on each house key.

  3. PLACE EACH HOUSE KEY ON INDIVIDUAL KEY RINGS: Go all out on this step and purchase the biggest, gaudiest key rings that you can find. Put each key on its own ring.

  4. LOCATE DUPLICATE KEY #1: The obvious location for a house key is next to the door. Whether it's a key rack on the back of the door, a box on an entry stand, or even a ledge by the door, leave one duplicate key in this location.

  5. LOCATE DUPLICATE KEY #2: The second best location for a house key is the first room you enter when you arrive home. Every kitchen has a catch all junk drawer. Leave the second duplicate key here.

  6. LOCATE DUPLICATE KEY #3: You now know the drill. If the next room you enter is the bedroom, leave your third duplicate key in your night stand. Continue until you have placed each key around the house in a location you think you will look for it at some future frantic date when you cannot find your keys.

  7. ADD KEY LOCATIONS TO CELL PHONE: Of course this step is predicated on the belief that you are less likely to misplace your cell phone than your keys. For each duplicate key, enter the location in your cell phone as a contact.

  8. ADD KEY NUMBER/MANUFACTURER TO CELL PHONE: Add the key manufacturer and number of your house key to your cell phone. If all else fails and you cannot find a single key, with this information, you can easily purchase a new key and not have to a hire a locksmith. You should make a second cell phone entry to add this information for your car keys.