Sunday, February 7, 2010

Five Reasons to have Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Screens or covers are an essential feature for the hearth. They add an element of completion to the fireplace. Indoor covers are usually made of metal or glass. There are many designs available on the market. However, whatever the style, the main function of screen is practical. Below are 5 reasons why you should consider a cover for your fireplace.

1. Fireplace Protection

During warm weather periods you’re unlikely to use your fireplace. A screen comes in handy at such times. It is a good idea to keep your fireplace covered during the spring and summer. It will prevent dust and debris from gathering in the fireplace. This will save you from the heavy cleaning work that comes with an exposed fireplace. Using a cover also ensures that the fireplace works effectively when in use. Covers help to sustain the working efficiency of your fireplace. They also help maintain the hearth in good condition.

2. Cleaner Room

Rooms with a fireplace tend to get dirty quicker from fireplace materials. A fireplace cover helps to keep your room clean. Quite often, some wind will blow soot, ash and debris into the room through the chimney or windows. With a cover installed at the fireplace, you can limit the effects of wind on indoor furnishings like rugs or carpets.

3. Easier Cleaning of Fireplace

Some covers are designed to enable easier cleaning of the fireplace. A specially fitted access hole on the cover allows you to use a vacuum hose to clean. Dust, soot and ash are kept from entering into the room as you go about your fireplace cleaning. Such specially designed covers are a welcome aid in effectively managing household chores.

4. Safety

The cover acts as a shield for occupants of the room. Sparks and flying embers can easily land on room occupants enjoying the fire. A fire could start easily if sparks land on flammable material in the room. Covers do a lot to prevent embers and sparks from escaping into the room. You can enjoy your fireplace experience without worries over possible fires.

5. Protects Children

If you have young children, covers can be used as a safety measure. They are a good way of preventing children from venturing into the fireplace. Being quite adventurous, young children can easily wander into the fireplace when not in use. Some features and objects of the fireplace can harm children. A cover will help restrict your children's movements and keep them away from possible danger in the fireplace. Covers are a practical way to create a safe environment.