Monday, April 13, 2009

MARCH 2009 - Oklahoma Recognition

According to Forbes magazine, Oklahoma City is 12th and Tulsa is
ranked the 47th top metro area “Best Places for Businesses and
Careers.” (Tulsa World, 03/31/2009)

• Tulsa’s hiring outlook is the 10th best in the country, based on a
survey by Manpower Inc. that released earlier this month. (Tulsa
World, 03/10/2009)

• Three Oklahoma companies have been named to Fortune magazine’s list
of 363 “World’s Most Admired Companies.” Devon Energy Corp., ONEOK
Inc. and Williams Cos. Inc. all made the list. (The Oklahoman,

• The rate of Oklahoma foreclosures remained steady in February,
however significantly fewer people are losing their homes compared
to a year ago. Because of this, Oklahoma has dropped to having the
34th highest foreclosure rate in the nation. (The Oklahoman,
• Foreclosures in February:
o U.S. 290,631
1 foreclosure per 440 households
o Oklahoma 1,030
1 foreclosure per 1,576 households

• Oklahoma has the largest percentage of wireless-only households in
the nation, 26%, according to a recent study by the CDC in Atlanta.
(The Oklahoman, 03/12/2009)

• Oklahoma’s laws that protect teenagers from abusive relationships
are some of the best in the country, according to a report from a
national youth advocacy group. Only four other states were given an
‘A’ rating along side Oklahoma. (The Oklahoman, 03/24/2009)

• Oklahoma ranks sixth nationally in its licensing standards and
oversight for childcare centers, according to a report from the
National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies.
(The Oklahoman, 03/13/2009)

• Oklahoma’s per capita – or per person – personal income rose from
$34,997 in 2007 to $36,899 last year. The latter figure also placed
the state at No. 4 nationally in 2008 for percentage growth, up from
No. 6 the year before. (The Oklahoman, 03/25/2009)