Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Great News for Oklahoma Real Estate!!!!

The 291-city report finds widespread declines, but the worst pain is found in California, where homes on average lost 6.7% of their value over the year; Florida, where homes prices declined 4.7%; and the desert Southwest, where overbuilt Arizona and Nevada continue to writhe.
Despite the drama in those places, though, prices in most of the rest of the country held up relatively well, losing less than 2% or even, in a few places, growing. The stability is found in the middle of the country, which never saw the stunning boom-year price increases that now are unraveling in former boom markets like Florida, California, Arizona and Nevada.
In eight states, house prices rose year over year: Utah, 9.3%; Wyoming, 8.3%; North Dakota, 7.8%; Montana, 6.9%; Texas, 6.2%; New Mexico, 5.4%; Washington, 5.4%; and Oklahoma, 5.1%.

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